Why Stellar Express is for you…

The Stellar Express bathroom product was designed for those in mind who cannot have a long term disruption of daily routine for a remodel. Our goal was to design a bathroom (or even just a shower or tub) with materials that are readily accessible, so that the Stellar team you know and love can install in as little as a day. As a result, there are a few parameters:

  • All design decisions will be made well in advance of install day

  • Fixture style and finishes will be chosen from a refined list that has been curated to expedite the remodeling process

  • Full tile showers are a Classic Stellar product and cannot be offered within an Express bathroom. However, there are patterned/textured styles available that resemble tile. Also, you and our design team can create a pattern for tile in-lay for your tub or shower walls. Tiled listellos are still possible with Express!

  • This is not a cover-up job. Your old tub or shower are being completely replaced!

MYTH: Shower systems cover up the old and don’t actually fix my (mildew, mold, outdated) issues.

REALITY: Everything from the floor up is new.  Stellar starts by removing your old pan or tub. Then we replace any rot behind the walls or in the floor, and put in place a high quality water-proof substrate before installing the system. 

MYTH:  Shower systems are flimsy and the options add nothing to the décor.

REALITY: The wall materials are 1/2inch thick; ticker than most tile and are wood backed so attaching grab bars, accessory baskets, or benches is possible. There are options for textured walls, color blocking, and even tile-inlay to ensure you get exactly the style you’re looking for.

Universal Design

Universal design, ADA, aging in place; however you identify, Stellar has you need. There is no need to feel boxed in while remodeling when you have additional needs. From walk in tubs and low to curb-less showers, we can provide it and design it so that you love the look and function.



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