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Step 2: What’s your style?



Traditional interiors exemplifies elegance and classic style. Often deep wood tones are used as accent pieces with embellished architectural details. Whites and peach tones create calm, and a sense of casual refinement while shapely curves add decorative enhancements. 

 In today's world as we upgrade our homes many people prefer to re-create an inviting space using traditional design. Oval shaped sinks in shades of  biscuit in a dark cherry raised panel vanity with polished chrome s-shaped faucet handles and chrome fixtures. The dark  accents are appreciated by the timelessness of white tones and ornate details.




The age old question and simply a matter of opinion...

Traditional VS. Modern



Modern interiors encourages functionality over form. Lighter colored woods are enhanced by the steadiness of classic blacks and whites with emphases on clean lines and smooth surfaces. Simplification of design opens up for space utilization.

Creating upgrades in our most used rooms using modern designs can enhance the flow of our spaces. Squared off sinks with one L-shaped brushed stainless faucet handle laid in vanity with white slab doors and crisp lighting fixtures.


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