In respond to your most frequent request, Stellar has created a high quality, affordable bathroom remodeling alternative.

Our designers and crafts people have curated a stylish and classic collection of materials from partnered vendors and custom manufacturers. These options simplify your decision making process while helping to expededite installation.

Once you find your style, all of your options are designed to work together.  The result is Stellar Express being able to get into your home quicker and complete the work in less time.


Step 1

Easy decisions first: Tub or Shower?

Do you want to open up your space by converting the current tub to a large walk in shower or do you enjoy a warm soak and want to update your tub?

Do you only want to update your shower space or can Stellar renovate your entire bathroom?


Step 2

What is your style?

Traditional: White and ivory with wood tones like cherry or maple. Fixtures with soft edges that are soft hues or bright polished chrome that invites time to a room.

Modern: Whites and grays with light colored woods and steel. Materials with clean lines and smooth surfaces that create a sense of space.


Step 3

Don’t forget to accessorize.

Pick out your accessories to finish off the space. Options include everything from a seat in your shower to towel rings, and everything in between.


Step 4

Choose your finishes.

Do you prefer the crisp finish of polished chrome, the classic strokes of brushed metals, or the contrast of oil rubbed bronze?

Coordinating or contrasting all of Stellar’s collections will work seamlessly with your design.