Looking to Remodel?

Here are a few helpful tips:

-Be weary of "chuck in a truck". Their lower prices may not include materials and some will not warranty their work at all!

- Uninsured contractors! STAY AWAY! Enough said...

- When researching remodelers, make sure you look at their work. Some people take 15 to 20 pictures of one job to make it seem like they have done more. Make sure you look at quality and quantity. More than likely, someone who has done 25+ baths and kitchen knows a thing or two about a bath and a kitchen ;)

These are just a few things we want you to keep an eye out! We want you to be safe and knowledgeable when researching for your project! If you have any questions you need answered, let us know! The Stellar staff encourages questions and loves helping you find the answers!


So long for now,